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  • Can I lose my parcel ?
    No, but you must write A to Z complete mailing address so the delivery guy can reach you, also mention daytime and evening contact numbers, so they can call you before delivery.
  • When can I receive my cell phone , are they securely delivered ?"
    Partnered with major American stores, like Apple and Target, 100% orginal Phones are delivered by Dhl and FedEx with safe and shipping, insured for lost and damage.
  • Can I make changes to an order i already placed ?
    Yes , you can make and update changes to an order unless it is shipped.
  • Can we arrange travel packages or bookings of hotels and Airbnb bookings ?
    Yes, partnered with best 5 star hotels and Airbnb we can pre arrange your trip to America for very affordable rates. Please call, text or email for any query.
  • What are the business options to invest in America ?
    There are legal options by which you can buy, sell and rent your property and also invest in either running businesses or open new business through NYBH. Make a free consultation by call, text or email.
  • Can I immigrate to America with family ?
    Yes, there are investment opportunities for good investors which can later turn their status to (PR) Green card in future for you and your families. For legal questions, please make a free consultantion by text, call or email.
  • Can I order products of amazon, target or other online shopping items through your website ?"
    Yes, you can always send URL' s for quotation of shipping rates for delivery.
  • How much are shipping and taxes on electronics and other items, are all taxes & duty costs already paid off ?"
    Yes, we apply (DDP) delivery duty paid method for fast and secure shipping for the comfort of our customers.
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